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Long Exposure Magazine, Issue 3: Call for Submissions

Submissions are now open for our third issue! So far, the magazine has been fortunate enough to engage with and publish fascinating collaborations between creative writing and the visual arts, and we continue our interest in this type of project, whatever media is involved. We are always open to new projects being brought to our […]

Long Exposure Magazine, Issue 2, Upcoming Release

The second issue of Long Exposure Magazine will be made available online from this Friday, 19th June. The edition is focused on a variety of eastern poetic and artistic forms, and features the collaborative work of Ron Rosenstock and Gabriel Rosenstock, combining haiku and photography, a sequence based on the art of Hiroshige, several examples […]

Negro Quarter, Tupelo, Mississippi, March 1936: A New Poem by William Doreski

Negro Quarter, Tupelo, Mississippi, March 1936 The barn-slab of board and batten must be a house: tin roof propped above the porch, four over four window, wood shingles clumsy as a mouthful of store-bought teeth. The whole thing slants to the left, toward a courthouse white against white sky. The slim black man in neat […]

Provisional cover for the upcoming issue, featuring Haiga art work by Gabriel Rosenstock and Ion Codrescu. Submissions for our Eastern poetic forms specialism as well as other textual and visual work remain open. See our submissions guidelines for further details.

Long Exposure Magazine, Issue 2: Call For Submissions

The Haiku Edition The Haiku has become a widely used daily exercise to keep us working with language, its syllabics offering the challenge of condensing and paring back an observation or train of thought to its essentials. It is also a form which connects with common place or spontaneous observations, such as those on a […]

Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Self Portrait: A New Poem by Eric Nicholson

I cannot find myself in a threatening form with bird’s head. I stand naked on a beach. I was of two selves and met my other self walking towards me down a familiar street. Art’s created from heart’s blood. I paint Self Portrait in Hell, a blood vessel bursts in my eye. My relationship with […]

Light Above the Stratosphere: A New Poem by Shaina Clingempeel

In our dampened lake-side spot, hidden by a ceiling of ashen pines, we stuffed ourselves inside our souls to fall in love. In a bed of earth, of ice, and frozen land, we found a chilled delirium, light above the stratosphere, propelling upward, unhinged within a hell we called our heaven. With coffee mugs colder […]