Long Exposure Magazine, Issue 2: Call For Submissions

The Haiku Edition

The Haiku has become a widely used daily exercise to keep us working with language, its syllabics offering the challenge of condensing and paring back an observation or train of thought to its essentials.
It is also a form which connects with common place or spontaneous observations, such as those on a daily commute, and lends itself to capturing them sharply and without superfluous description.
It is this ability to capture that Long Exposure wishes to explore for the next edition.
We will be looking for submissions of traditional Japanese forms such as Haiku, Haibun, Haiga, and Tanka, and other textual or visual work which shares its philosophy.

Alongside this the magazine will also include the usual range of new writing, photography and visual art across a broad range of styles and themes; submissions of all are welcome.

View our submissions guidelines for further details.

All submissions to: editor@longexposuremagazine.com


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