In this new poem, Lesley Burt explores the work of Van Gogh, discovering in it the possibility of a world ‘unclaimed by names’.


How to Garden in the Family Graveyard in Zebulon, North Carolina: A New Poem by Brooke Baker Belk

Sink your hand into the loamslowly. Allowthe rasp and scrape of buried pebbles, bitsof brick, mortar, snail shells, nailsfrom a lost house of a lost centuryto slide by your hand. Allowthe slugs and earthworms.Allow the dirt.Sink deeper.Sink to your wrist.The earth will grant you this, it is heavywith last night’s rain, the earth is wet […]

The Field is Gone: A New Poem by Mark Hutton

The field is gone, buried beneath future Rubble of convenience and commerce.Stalks that once drew bird and gameDraw gamers and the budget minded. It wearies a memory to replaceWhat is here with what once was.Natural overcome, replaced with synthetic.Creation’s groaning is nearly audible. I have no right to chatter,It was a borrowed field. The farmer […]