A New Haiku by Tracey Walsh

Webbed garden spider
strung badminton net fashion
your luncheon is served

Bio: Tracey Walsh has been enjoying life since early retirement in 2013. Indulging a lifelong love of crime fiction by starting a book review blog, she has also discovered a new interest in photographing local Lancashire countryside and wildlife. This is Tracey’s first attempt at poetry since school days.


4 thoughts on “A New Haiku by Tracey Walsh

  1. Very nice! Love it, In fact i sent it on to a friend, who has recently acquired a HUGE spider in her garden, so. naturally, we’ve all been teasing her about the possible consequences. 🙂 This was lovely, and perfect.


  2. I loved that you kept the nature aspect of traditional haiku, as well as the turn with “your luncheon is served.” lovely poem! I hope you write more 🙂


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