Poetry Tutoring at Long Exposure

Long Exposure Magazine is now offering feedback and guidance on a selection of your poetry. For an introductory fee of £10 you will receive rigorous feedback and editorial advice on a set of up to 5 poems through e-mail correspondence.

Editor Daniel Williams holds undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in literature and creative writing and has published poetry widely on-line and in print, including at Cadaverine, Ink, Sweat, And Tears, and Envoi. Alongside his work in editing and publishing, he has experience of teaching creative writing in a variety of contexts, from local community to university level.

Make your payment below and the editor will contact you to receive your work and begin your tutoring session. Any enquiries can be sent to editor@longexposuremagazine.com.

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6 thoughts on “Poetry Tutoring at Long Exposure

  1. I hope you will forgive my slight query (sketicism) but how can one person critique hundreds of poems? I wd be interested in submitting if you can shed some light on this question!


    1. Hi there,

      Many thanks for getting in touch. Were you wondering how one person can provide thorough enough feedback if there are a high volume of submissions?
      Currently, the workload is manageable for one tutor, but if demand increases in the future I’ll look to have multiple tutors employed to ensure all participants receive the same level of feedback.
      I hope this helps, and if I’ve misunderstood your question or you would like any more information then please let me know, I hope you’ll consider submitting!

      Best wishes,

      Daniel Williams


      1. Thanks for reply Daniel. Yes, that is my question; I’ve been on courses before where the crits have been very generalised because of the workload. Can you give me some idea of the number of participants please?


  2. I understand your concern. As it stands, should you choose to go ahead, you would be the only participant I’d currently be working with, so I could obviously guarantee my full attention when engaging with your work.


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