Gabriel Rosenstock, born 1949 in postcolonial Ireland, is a poet, haikuist, tankaist, and novelist with over 180 books published. Recent titles include the comic detective novel My Head is Missing (Evertype, 2016) and the ekphrastic haiku volume Judgement Day (The Onslaught Press, 2016) in response to the collages of the anti-Nazi artist Kurt Waldmann. Among his awards is the Tamgha I Kidmat medal for services to literature. He blogs at http://roghaghabriel.blogspot.ie/

His series as Writer-in-Residence for Long Exposure will see him responding through haiku to a range of photography from around the world, teasing out their narratives, ideas, and resonances.


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  1. It is a wonderful choice for LONG EXPERIENCE to have selected Gabriel Rosenstock as the first writer in residence. There are very few who can match his energy. 180 books are nor some research papers or slim collections of articles hastily written and published. He has put in days and months of hard work, revising it over and over with critical inputs from equally serious writers from several countries and languages. Similarly, fewer can match his refined sensibility and aesthetic discipline evolved from reading the literature of numerous countries and periods. He transcends being an Irish poet with western sensibility or a post-colonial poet or a mystic establishing a connection with the Orient. He is a universal poet exploring cosmic dimensions of various art forms. But, still fewer have his sense of humour in spite of his strong political and historical views. It is an honour for any institution to be associated with him. At the same time, he remains modestly chuckling over his achievements because there is much to do and he has no attachment to what he has remarkably achieved.
    Congratulations to LONG EXPERIENCE for making such an impressive beginning.


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