Long Exposure Magazine: Issue 1

Long Exposure Cover

It has been a longer process than expected, but the first full digital edition of Long Exposure Magazine is nearing release. Many thanks to our contributors both for their submissions and their patience. Response to the project has been incredibly strong; it was highly gratifying to see the number of writers and readers with interests in this field who felt it merits further exploration. Due to the volume of submissions the editing process has taken significant time, and we have already begun to structure the content for our second issue. If you haven’t been contacted about featuring in the first issue, expect to hear from us in the coming weeks about inclusion in the second.

Continue to follow our updates here and on social media for news of the full release and any related events, and again, many thanks for your continued support.


One thought on “Long Exposure Magazine: Issue 1

  1. cool! How do we get a copy? Did my poems make it into this issue? I had a message from you saying they were accepted but I didn’t seem them on the website, so I guess they will be in the magazine?

    Best wishes with this great endeavour and thanks for all your hard work.



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